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About Rachel D.

Welcome to Asteroid Belt Studio! Please feel free to explore any of the existing content here.

In January of 2018, I asked patrons to commit to this page with me for 6 months. Their support helped me take my creative goals seriously and get a lot done!
  • I got back to publishing and distributing zines for the first time in 20 years; 
  • wrote, played, and recorded many new songs despite limitations of chronic pain; 
  • and even had a comic published in a literary magazine for the first time.
I’m now in a new phase of development and exploration that has not been conducive to “sharing as I go.” Monthly payments are on “pause,” and I only post updates occasionally.

If you become a patron now, you will be charged one time and have access to all existing content at that tier level. You will also receive occasional free updates.

If it becomes appropriate for me to reactivate this page and offer monthly content again, I will give plenty of notice before the monthly payments begin.

Want to get free updates but don't want to become a patron? No problem! Once you create a Patreon account, you can just click the "Follow" button on my page. 
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