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200$ computer setup
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BY getting this we can start getting more videos out by getting a Actual computer that is good to record and play games at the same time 




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My name is ZeVonte (yes the capital V is in my legal name) and i wish to become a patreon not for the money but to interact with all my fans that helped me that some other people dont want to.Supporting me with my channel helps me out not only for content but for the viewers and other fans by donating you help me get more fans and that is something you can always be appreciated by me As such you will get stuff that other people can not. Giveaways Talk shows heck even collaborations. What brought me to patreon is that by starting young i will have more chance to make videos than adults specifically and i thought hey why not get a patreon for those specific people that help me out so here am i here right now i hope you do support me and you WIll get thanks from me 
$0 of $100 per month
BY getting 100 $ per month i will start a podcast LIVE where i interview my fellow patreon every week Unless personal stuff gets in the way
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