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About AstrologyBerry

Hey Hi Hello!
What I am about.
I enjoy astrology and a fair amount of understanding on the topic. I decided to make an astrology blog on Tumbler called AstrologyBerry - - to share and express my love for astrology. I currently take requests for mood-boards of peoples sun, moon, rising and sometimes other planetary signs, providing a vibrant mood-board and small in depth descriptions on the requested signs. I wish to expand my content besides mood-boards such as longer in depth post about the signs and how their placement in different planetary positions can change their meaning.
Why I made a Patreon.  
I work part-time and am I full time student, I'm not looking to make an income off of Patreon, I'm just looking for a sustainable way to keep my blog going. I spend whatever free time I have in between work and school researching and creating the most accurate posts I can. I adore astrology and my blog, I am so grateful for all the people asking for requests and sending lovely messages it really helps knowing that there are other people who enjoy astrology just as much. I wish to provide them with the best content I can provide, I want to do so many things with this blog and keep making posts for all the lovely people who have supported me. 

Please feel free to Pledge but no not feel like you have to, just you reblogging, liking, and following is already support enough! <3