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What is Patreon (Pay-tree-on)?
For those of you that are not familiar with the site, it is similar to a crowd-surfing platform. It allows Creators to connect with Patrons and offer optional rewards as gifts to donors that pledge to support them. 
About me...I am recent graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Information Systems. My professional interests include: User Interface/user experience design, business analysis, web design, human computer interaction, app development, and art. I created this Patreon as a professional platform to share my work and passion with those that support me. You can help me be a creator.

My Patreon content:
-Art Progress Pictures
-Voting Polls
-Person posts
-Reviews of art products and softwares
-Links and writings on articles I have read
-Links to other people's work
-Professional samples from my UI UX design work 
-Research and knowledge I've acquired

Patreon is a glance into my world. 

What's the difference between becoming a Patron?
Whether you pledge to become a patron, use my design services, or want to buy some of my art, they all are great ways to support me. The main reason for becoming a patron is for those that seek to provide an on-going contribution rather than a one time purchase.

My Store:

How I will use your monthly contribution:
-Buy my art supplies like ink, paint, pencils, etc. so that I can continue to produce artworks
-Covers cost of getting artworks professionally scanned, printed
-I am working on getting more marketing materials
-Covers some of the Etsy expenses and seller fees
-Software expenses and subscriptions

-How do I become a Patron?
It's very simple. Just click the "Become a Patron" Button on my page. Then you can select the desired amount you would like to pledge and can create a Patreon account so you can keep up with all my content and receive any rewards. You will receive a confirmation email and I will receive a notification that you are a new patron of mine. Also, keep in mind some tiers may ask for a shipping address which will be used by me to send rewards for that tier.

-When will I be charged as your patron?
My Patreon is set up on a monthly basis, so Patreon will charge whatever amount you selected at the beginning of every month. 

-Can I stop being a Patron?
Never! Haha, yes of course. If for some reason you would like to stop payments, there is an option to do that from any of the Patrons you support on your account. My Patrons are charged on a monthly basis so make sure that you unsubscribe after you have received the last of your rewards and before the next month processing begins. 

-Can I make a one time donation?
Of course you can! You can make a one time donation of any amount at any time. You would follow the same procedure as a patron. First create your Patreon account, click "become a patron" on my profile, fill in your desired donation amount, and then once your card has been successfully processed (Patreon does this the first week of every month) then you can simply drop me as a supported creator. 

Patreon has an FAQ section as well for both Patrons and Creators if you have any questions specific to the site, billing, etc. Please feel free to message me if you have problems or further questions and I will respond promptly.

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If I am able to reach $15 I will create an abstract self-portrait.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts

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