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Did you know that the prefix Psy actually means Soul - not mind?

Help me by being a supportive soul and support my study of psychology!

In doing so you will gain access to Patron exclusive MBTI lessons that I wrote myself.

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Anyone who supports me at this tier will have their name included in every video and will also receive access to my newly launched MBTI Discord server.

You truly have my thanks.

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About AsuraPsych

Who Am I?

Hello everyone, my name is Chris but you may know me better as "Asura." I am a student of psychology in my senior year of studies in university as well as a certified MBTI practitioner. I make personality, psychology, and typology videos because I enjoy ideas and teaching. I have been a member of the MBTI community for a long time - I am a senior moderator on, I have experience professionally typing individuals, and I won first place in TypologyCentral's 2017 Typology Essay Scholarship Contest.

What Is My Goal?
My goal is to spread my knowledge and understanding of psychology and typology to you - the viewer. At the same time I am striving to create a community of like minded individuals who enjoy exploring the inner workings of the mind.

Why Support AsuraPsych?
As mentioned earlier I am a full time (straight A) student who also intends to earn a Ph.D in clinical psychology one day. I also work full time. I juggle all of this on top of making the videos I make. Food and rent are expensive. I would love to be able to switch to a full time content creator one day and that goal is not that far out of reach. With just a few dedicated supporters I could make that happen.

Benefits for supporting me currently include access to MBTI lessons written by me personally, having your name or display name included at the end of every video as well as access to my private MBTI Discord server where I will personally check in to discuss with patrons every so often. I also intend to host events through this Discord.

I want to change the world of psychology one day and I think I can do it. If you want to support me on that journey it would truly mean the world to me.

$40 of $100 per month
If I made this much a month making videos it would help me survive as a content creator who also works full time. Making videos is a lot of work even for someone who loves doing it.
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