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With the land tier, you'll be able to vote in poll for upcoming cosplays, a list of my upcoming cosplans and conventions for the next year, and wig progress for cosplays. 
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With the sea level tier, you'll have access to everything in the land tier plus a story shout out on my instagram once a month, before and after of photography editing, and early access to videos.  
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With the Dysphotic zone tier you receive everything from the first two tiers, as well as videos of me editing photos, CMV/film plans, 18+instagram (I'll need proof of age), and a monthly polaroid. Dysphotic zone also includes $5 off photoshoots with me!



About At Sea Arts

My name is Atlas and i'm a cosplayer out of the pacific northwest. I'm 20 and have been cosplaying for six years. I've been actively doing photography for 4 years and just started trying my hand at film. 
My primary cosplay focus is on video game cosplays, so I hope you'll enjoy seeing that! 
I can not thank everyone enough for supporting me and what i'm passionate about, and I hope that you enjoy me and my content.  

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