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About Atheist Analysis

Recent Gallup Polls show that the nonbeliever community is the fastest growing minority in the Unites States but theres a culture rife with bias toward nonbelievers.

We believe the best route to encouraging a humanistic worldview is to create more activists.

You want the best tools for countering religion, so we'll be providing you with better content as well as keeping you up to date with all thats happening in the atheist community.

We aim to help everyone embrace their non-belief while providing tools to encourage others through their journey.

But why do it alone if you don’t have to. We’re asking for your support to continually produce high quality content.

We have always committed to making our content free of charge, and that will never change.

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If we hit this goal we will create a credits slide for our special patreons who want to help make Atheist Analysis the best darn show possible.  We are in need of graphics that we can use in our videos along with audio to help create a special atmosphere that exceeds what we are doing already.  Yes we do not have to have these things, but it would make the experience more enjoyable then it already it is.  We would be able to get our message to more people and help them either feel comfortable in their atheism or help to understand why we are atheists.
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