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About Athletics Exclusive

Welcome to the Patreon Page for Athletics Exclusive!

Athletics Exclusive is an online Athletics community based in Australia with the aim of bringing athletics to the public.

We focus largely on digital content through video, podcasts and livestreams.

Our focus moving forward will be producing live athletics meets in the form of livestreams to ensure the broader athletics community can stay up-to-date with what their favourite athletes are doing.

We are more then happy to put in our own time, money and resources in to produce the digital content, however if you want to support what we do - giving us a chance to expand - then our Patreon page is the place to do so.

Patreon supporters will get access to a range of exclusive content and perks.

Athletics Exclusive also recruits current and former athletes to assist in producing digital content, with Patreon contributions going towards renumerating these people.
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We're keen to get our first 10 contributors to what we do here at Athletics Exclusive.
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