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You will gain 24/7 access to my TS3 channel.    I will make a video devoted to you "if you want" AND I will play a game with you!
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I will make a video devoted to you "if you want" AND I will play a game with you! AND will gain 24/7 access to my TS3 channel as well as being on my friends list and being a preferred player to be in my future video's
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You can play with myself, Capt Canada, Jack Frags and many others as well as all the other benefits COMBINED!!




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I have a small but steadily growing YouTube channel called BigCannon Adventures and to stay up to date and ensure the highest quality video's for you amazing people I have maxed out credit cards ,etc so... YOLO? Aside from YT I'm also 35 years old "stay at home dad", married for 10 years with two beautiful children and a wifey that fully support me. The honest no BS reason I started Patron is because I LOVE gaming and making video content so why not make a little money.  I have young children and since money is so tight in my family we actually save money by me staying home with the kids while my wife works. I don't really like the idea of selling my content to you so PLEASE watch and let my video's sell themselves. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully supporting my new job.
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My goal is for equipment and giveaways, motivation, personal medical reason's and bacon/pineapple pizza with a cold Dr Pepper?
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