is creating animated maps for tabletop gaming.

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At the Silver Sextant tier one animated map set per month will be released open to you to download.  You will be able to download all prior month Silver Sextant tier map sets as well. (A map "set" is a map design with day and night version if available, and the various grid types overlaid; no grid, square grid, and hex grid). 

You will also be able to participate in voting and polls for map themes and ideas when posted.

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Hello there! My name is Tim and I'm creating animated maps (videos) for tabletop gaming!  I like to call these animated map creations "Fragments" - as they are beautiful pieces of fantasy worlds, combined with the GM/DM and Player stories to create and flesh out that world as a living and breathing place.

I've been creating maps for the past ~30 years; I remember when I was just a young lad of about 8 getting sheets of grid paper from my older brother, who played D&D with his friends, and spending hours drawing dungeons... laying out meticulous paths and secrets, with traps and denizens strategically placed to give the adventurers a challenging and rewarding adventure!

Through the years I've done a variety of illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, and game development work, taking great pleasure specifically in the level, world, and map design aspects of that work.  One day last year I had the epiphany that those skills could all be combined to make tabletop video maps to display on a TV laying flat to bring gaming sessions to a new level, and I started down this path.

I'm happy to share my creations with the fabulous tabletop gaming community, as I know from my own experiences that taking your game sessions to the next level is both a great time as a DM/GM, and players reactions are wonderful as you unveil new maps for them to explore!

With support on Patreon it will help cover services for hosting, streaming, software/tool cost, and other features in the future.  It will also assist in expanding my 3D Asset library, to create even better maps and videos in the future!  For anyone that has supported, currently supports, or is considering supporting, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that the maps I create bring great joy to you and your tabletop players!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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