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About Atomic Acorn

In the past, I've created all my projects on dusty old desktops and loaned netbooks. Needless to say the way I acquired my software was typical for a young adult getting into sound and video producing with just enough income to pay the bills. Things change. After the loss of the majority of my data on my most "recent" (now undeniably ancient) PC in late 2017 and transferal to an older Vista system, I had stagnated. Then recently, just as suddenly as everything went wrong, I was lucky enough to get a computer worth preserving. Now I'm beginning the process of figuring out how to afford a legitimate way to create.

This does NOT mean that I'll no longer be making content on my old vista system (one must always hone their craft), only that I won't have reliable software until then. With your help I'll not only be closer to setting up an organized creative station for maximizing my potential, I'll also have the ability to focus more time on manifesting my ideas.
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