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Patron Role in the Discord!

My discord server is where I post all announcements and everything so you have to be there to get all the rewards! There's also always plenty of stuff going on in the server that you won't want to miss!

Patron Exclusive Bases! 

I will be posting at least 2 patron exclusive simple bases a month for $1+ tiers! These will be a themed sketch pack a month and a simple small base for all patrons!


Posting Time Announcements!

Get announcements on when every adopt, YCH, or commission slot I post before they even get posted! You'll know exactly when to go snag them!


Patron Exclusive Polls!

Have a say in what I do next! Let me know what kind of adopts, bases, YCH's, etc, you'd like to see!



Get a 10% discount on art/adopts that are able to be discounted!

Includes Discord rewards
per month

 ☢ Tier 1 Rewards!

Another special role in the discord server, other discord events, posting time announcements, and patron exclusive polls! 


Immediate Exclusive Pre-Claims!

Get access to the Pre-Claims channel on Discord and be able to claim any adopt/ych/etc as soon as I finish it! This means you'll have a chance to claim before anyone else!


Patron Exclusive Deluxe Bases!

Each month, you will receive at least 1 deluxe base with add ons, clothing options, and other add ons can be requested in the discord! You can also receive all the updates for these bases!



Get a 20% discount on art/adopts that are able to be discounted!

Includes Discord rewards
Limited (8 remaining)
per month

 ☢ Previous Tiers Rewards!

Get a special role in the discord server, Patron polls, posting time announcements, and more! You also get all the patron exclusive bases and access to the Pre Claim discord channel!

 ☢ Monthly Art Rewards!

Each month you can get either a chibi or headshot (your choice) of your character! If you're not interested in art rewards, you can choose to swap out your art reward for a mini custom!

 ☢ Discounts! 

Receive a 30% discount on any adopt/ you get that can be discounted! 

Includes Discord rewards



About AtomicXombie

Hey there and welcome to my Patreon!
All of my Patreon Rewards are based on Discord. The Patreon server is where I post YCH, commission, and adopt preclaims first! In order to make sure you get the most out of your Patreon pledge you have to join the discord! If you have any problems with the process you can let me know or refer to the link below for more information.
Linking Discord and Patreon
Here's a link to the Discord as well if you'd like to check it out first since it's open to everyone <3

Who are you?

I'm Atomic! I'm an artist from the US who enjoys creating characters! I also dabble in video game development and work on development for indie games <3 

What do you do?
A LOT of art! I have big plans for this community which includes bases, plushies, and even fursuiting! I really enjoy crafting in just about any form! 

Why Should I pay you?
Your support means that I'm able to spend more time working for you guys! I'm able to take more time to work on art and get things done that you want! 

Thank you!
I just want to take a second to thank you for visiting and even considering supporting me! It means so much to me to have someone even come to this page to check things out! With that being said, please let me know if you think there's something I should improve on here! I want to make the best quality content possible for you guys! Thank you so much!
9 of 10 patrons
When we reach 10 patrons I'll be able to start offering more art rewards! 
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