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  • On discord you will given a special role and receive access to a private voice chat and chat room just for subs!
  • Access to patreon only photos and videos that I am simply just to lazy to post elsewhere or simply don't want to......
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  • Access to vlogs and personal life details pertaining to Atlas and her significant other.
  • In depth stream brainstorming giving you the ability to critique and request things related to stream before others.
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About The Kettle

This Patreon is here in order to allow the viewers of The Kettle (Atlasia) a method of providing support as well as giving access to special rewards for their contributions. Patreon backers will have more exclusive and more direct access to Atty and Her life (like pictures or compositions I don't want to post elsewhere). 
While daily Twitch streams and youtube videos are available to the public, private sessions such as vlogs, creative brainstorming sessions, and journals will only be available to patrons. Finally Patreons will be the first to be able to provide critique and ideas for new broadcasts, daily vlogs, games, creative tasks ect....

Now the About me, I am well a person. My name is atty. I am a broadcaster aiming for the goal of full time broadcasting. I enjoy creating both gaming and creative content with a hope of one day being able to go full time creative/ travel broadcasting. I have significant other named ares who is my entire world without her this stream would not be possible I have hopes of being able to give back to her the stability she has given me and I hope this patreon will be a part of that. I play piano for the odd change here and there as well as bookbinding restoration jobs. If you have any questions about this section please message me on discord!


$9 of $600 per month
I first would like to thank everyone that adds to this goal in anyway shape or form!!!
This is a goal to make the stream stable and give us opportunities outside of the gaming/chatting realm from producing music live to traveling internationally. While still being able to maintain broadcast on the go. This also helps keep my power on and will make us completly independent of worries that the power or internet has not been paid!
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