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Hi, my name is Inari Kitu, but you can call me Auntie Inari, or just Auntie... everyone does ^ _ ^

I create videos on youtube. Mostly gaming playthroughs, but I also produced an educational series called Auntie Inari's House. In it we explored the many cultures, faiths, and traditions from around the world, and learned about the wonderful things that make us all different, and the wonderful things that make us all the same! (It's on hiatus right now as I gather resources and talent to make an improved second season of the show)

I produce 5 gaming videos per week. Monday through Thursday I feature kid friendly, all ages content, and on grown-up Fridays, I play more mature games for my adult audience. These are age gated to protect my younger viewers.

I would very much like to expand my content and produce multiple videos per day, to make more fun games available to you, and also to continue my educational series, but to do that I need to be able to devote myself to creating full time, so I made this Patreon page. I hope that together, we can learn and grow, and have lots of fun playing!

Thank you SO much in advance for your support, and I hope to see your comments to let me know how I can improve and do more to entertain and educate you.

Until next time, Be safe, and have fun.
Auntie Loves you.

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