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Every bit helps! Please consider supporting me! Many hands make light work <3  You'll get:
  • Early access to new music releases!
  • A complimentary download for my latest track on day of release
  • A special role in our discord channel

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For those looking to help out and get some awesome stuff in return!
  • High-resolution downloads of my art
  • All of my previous music tracks in super-high fidelity .FLAC, complete with album art and track metadata
  • Plus all previous rewards
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For the discerning gentleperson with an eye for the good stuff!

  • Midi files for select songs that benefit from it (orchestral songs), useful for remixing or synthesia, or just learning more about composing
  • My custom synth patches and samples (Occasionally being updated as new sound design happens)
  • Access to .PSD format project files of all my art with all layers separate; good for learning new ways of doing things! 
  • Access to my Photoshop brush preset collection and Sai2 program file for brush presets 
  • Plus all previous rewards
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Hey!! As you all know, I'm Aurelleah and I'm a musician and artist. Thanks for visiting my Patreon page!! Patreon is like an online tip jar, or ongoing kickstarter program, that you can use to help support the artists you love. As a musician, the music I make takes upwards of 40 hours for an electronic song, and upwards of 100 hours for an orchestral one. Working on music is so time consuming I don't get much time for much else :P Though in times of musical creative dry spells, I also work on art and drawing of cartoons and comics

My content is still free!!! This just allows my fans to help me out a bit and show their appreciation in a completely 100% optional way <3

By supporting me, you'll be helping fund new projects such as prints, paying for singers, and hiring musicians. Of course, as well as living expenses such as internet and stuff. Every bit helps if you're in a position to share any funds, and even if you're not able to share funds, sharing my music, art, or patreon helps too! 

I don't believe in piracy, and as such have bought all of my software with my own money. I've spend more on the software and hardware I need than I think I'll be able to make back by making music, all with the goal of being able to create the things I love and things that other people can enjoy. That's why I've set up this patreon page, so that I can offset the cost of what I had to spend to get to this point :)

Thanks for taking the time to read, and as always, I hope you have a fantastic day <3

(If you have ideas on things to include as rewards, leme know! Rewards are sent out at the beginning of each month after pledges go through :> )
$112 of $300 per month
At this point I'll have enough income to cover adobe and eastwest licenses, singer fees, saving for plugins as well as internet phone and other misc expenses. This amount would make my hobbies shift from a net loss to a net gain c:
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