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The police need to know that citizens will no longer take the self investigation techniques they are trying to ram down our throats.

There is also a genuine interest within the community to participate in meaningful dialogue to reduce crime by capture and prevention methods.




My name is Kasey and I work with other people throughout the country of Australia to cover the crime news in our country. We work with media outlets, private groups, public groups and police to obtain information. Not all of it works in the agendas of the various groups because we have our own agenda, a unified one.

I have entered nearly every Crime Group in our country, have been monitoring all the pages with a team of people. This takes time and resources, and we are floundering to keep up the the tide and need resources to encourage more to this VOLUNTEERING field.

We want to form an institute where we can establish formal protocols, standards and procedures for all groups to use in their day to day operations and educate the public on terms of use. 

I have linked every group that is possible to one central hub. It's a good starting place to fact check this project is the "ABOUT" section of the group where all the crime groups in the country are listed as recommended.

Australians need to band together when we live in a society where mainstream media is owned eighty per cent by one entity and the police have the right to police themselves. We intend to unite, form this private market institute, finalise a Code of Ethics and stand up to the regimes that ignore the plights of common crime upon the population.

This is a private market, and we are following a trial of being unaware of the free services we use such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are actually costing us a lot. Our DATA, our freedoms, our privacy. There has to be a best practice method, Australia will have it.

We intend to encourage other countries to embrace our systems and methods when we ARE IN PLACE and operational. 
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Obtain software license for extracting live tv video from a website for purposes of crime news uploads across the nation of Australia.
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