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I make bookmarks for the books I write. If you pledge a dollar per month I will send you a few of my latest pieces as a thank you.
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Two dollars per month means you deserve to get a new and different bookmark each month.
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Email me a few photos of you and I will draw you in one of the settings I have created.




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About Dan Jager

I am an artist and author, and I would love to devote much more of my time creating work you enjoy, but time is money and I have yet to make a name for myself. If you fund me I will turn that money into advertising. Once people have had the opportunity to see what I can do I am certain they will want to read my books. With a little more funding I can hire an editor to make my books better. A bit more funding than that will allow me to upgrade my art supplies and improve the quality and speed of my work.

Alright, what can I do? Well, I can write and illustrate. I write Steampunk with a careful eye to 1800s history and alternative science. I write urban fantasy filled with elements of mythology. I write table top Role Playing Games. I am also an artist. I draw chapter images, book covers, and game maps. If you fund my work then I can do all of these things and more, and I can do them better.
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I would love to sell / give out bookmarks, mugs, t-shirts, and more related to my novels. 50.00 US Dollars would handle material costs for a few initial projects. Once I have some templates I can go through standard distribution channels.
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