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You get to read each chapter of the book once it is edited to a certain degree of polish.  Each time a chapter reaches that level i will send it on what ever platform you prefer!

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Same as the first tier how ever, i will be sending out all of my rough drafts once i hit save and get done for the night. You get to see the process and watch the story get refined. 

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About Author Justin

Hello, my name is Justin. This is my first attempt at writing, well anything. When i was in school, i hated, i mean hated, reading and writing. Luckily for me that all changed. My amazing fiance loved to read. 
When we first got together we were both struggling to pay the bills so we had to be creative about dates. She moved from Washington state across America to be with me. When i was showing her around my town i told her of the library. I had fond memories of the place, not for books, but because of the computer lab. I spent so, so many hours playing rune scape there after school.
We decided to go on a cool fall afternoon. I was thinking this would be very boring, she would look at books for hours on end and i would go crazy, but i was more than willing to deal with that to spend time with her. The library had dollar coffee and hot chocolate. She got coffee and i got hot coco.
Luckily for me she took me to the fantasy section after seeing me looking rather lost and bored. I did read LOTR and Harry Potter in high school so she was hoping to find something that interests me. WOW did she, i now read about a book or two a month. I love Brandon Sanderson and R.A Salvatore. I read enough that it inspired me to try my hand at writing!
Here is some information about my current project.

 I created this story set in my dungeons and dragons world that i created. I was the DM for the 7 month long campaign and i found that after we had finished, i couldn't leave something i loved so much to fade to just good memories.
The main character of my story is a fifteen year old orphan named Ember, almost a full decade older than any other child that is housed there. Of course my story has kingdoms of men, elves, dwarves and orcs. However my focus with this is to explore the world through Embers eyes. Her point of view changes from a helpless orphan that is required to spend most of her day helping her care givers with younger children. To a hero that is shaped through tragedy.
If you have ever felt trapped by a situation that you have no control of, you will relate to her.
I don't want to create an immortal hero that is perfect. Ember will feel fear, anxiety and sadness. But i promise you, she will overcome it and find out how amazing life can be. All of us in our life have struggles that we have to over come. Some are common and easily dealt with, others are rare and can take a life time, but they are all equally a chance for us to learn and improve our selves.
Being lucky enough to inherit a magic item isn't enough to save you from the trials of the world. It will greatly aide in your quest, but you, like Ember have to take the shaky steps and make the often questioned decisions that push you forward.

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