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About Author Sandy Lender

I love to write. Love it. And thank goodness...
...because the characters running around in my head can only get out if I write down their stories.

I've written stories since I was about six years old, writing spec fic about mice picking berries and ghostly spiders haunting old ladies for my great grandma. And you know what?

She would read those stories to the folks
in her apartment building to encourage me.

I won a first-place ribbon for writing a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird when I got to high school. But the cool stuff happened about fourteen years after college when I got an indie publisher interested in my sword & sorcery work: ArcheBooks published Choices Meant for Gods in 2007; Choices Meant for Kings in 2009; and Choices Meant for All in 2015.

Another indie publishing house is interested in my YA sci-fi/fantasy series now, which means marketing expenses will start piling up soon. But the characters clamoring to get out of my head are worth it. I mean, they rescue dragons from intergalactic distress. They're flippin' awesome.

In fact, these characters are so awesome that they've come up with friends and extra stories I could offer to all y'all on this writing journey if you'd like to come along.
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Once I reach 100 patrons, I'll release a chapbook of uplifting, inspiring, lovely poetry (and there are a couple cute & humorous ones in there that I've written over the years). I've needed the inspiration to have an editor work with me to finalize the book of poetry, so let's get 100 patrons to boost me into gear!
Each of the monthly patrons will get a free copy of the poetry book, of course. If you're part of my inspiration, you gotta get some of the uplifting joy from it.
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