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About Autistics in the Arts

At Autistics in the Arts (, we aim to provide an ever growing list of autistic creators, who share their visions through a variety of media.

Typical day jobs and desk jobs can be very difficult for some people who are autistic, and unemployment can therefore be a huge risk! To fight this, we at Autistics in the Arts want to provide a one stop, easy to navigate, place to find and support Autistic creators.
$10 – reached! per month
It costs me $6 per month to keep Autistics in the Arts running! 

As I do not make any money from this website and it is something I created to help the Autistic community, running the website comes directly out of my pocket. 

I want to keep this running as long as possible and only work part time myself, so any donations you are willing and able to give would be helpful!

I have set the goal at $10 per month instead of $6 because Patreon gets a cut of every donation. 
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