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About Auzranium

Hello, My Name is Auzranium, but people just call me Auz or Auzzy.

When I went to my past college, I was a Radio Disc Jockey for their Radio Station. Out of all the DJ's, I was the most enthusiastic about my radio show. But, I unfortunately do not go to that college anymore, so my radio show was canceled. That is until I streamed on Twitch. I am slowly growing a following for Minecraft, but I wanted to do so much more.

So I have decided to bring back my Radio Show, upgrade it to a Podcast, while also doing E-Sports, Twitch Streaming, and YouTube videos. By supporting me here on Patreon, you are helping make a small community grow bigger and better. Thank You.

If you need any of my links here they are:
- Auzranium

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By Reaching This Goal I Will:
  • Make YouTube Videos Weekly
  • Record Radio Shows and Put Them On Spotify
  • Go to A Smash Major Tournament Every Few Months
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