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About Avaltor

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About this Patron Artist

Hi guys! My name is Cary but you all can call me Owly or Tor for short.
There's been recently new changes, I wanted to have more content to work on for people like you and also to build up my portfolio for future clients/freelancing jobs.
Check out the tiers to see what rewards are now!

I've been doing Freelancer work since 2014- going on 5 years now, my skills with different programs had improved greatly because of having something to work on almost daily (hence the Patreon). Weekends is my attempt to have some time off to rest my art hand, but I do sometimes post on my twitter some sketches I doodled.
My strong point is still traditional for rough sketches and sometimes whimsy inked pieces. Still changing them over to digital artworks! :)

Becoming a Patreon
Ever since I received my tablet in 2013, I've been practicing on it and making improvements along way so you will see change in the style as I progress. You'll be able to put in feedback on my WIPS and discuss with me how to make my art more better for ya'll. Sorry for no voice/video stuff, I communicate via American Sign Language or text for I am Deaf. ^_^
I use Programs like:
Paint Tool SAI
With your support, no matter how small it is, I’ll be able to improve my art monthly and provide you with updates/rewards. If needed, you can cancel/edit your pledge at any time. I understand the need.

Can't afford my tiers? Tweet about this,show my art to your friends and exposure me on social media with my username will help me alot!

Thanks for reading!
Got some questions to ask? Email- [email protected]

You might wonder what's with all owls stuff? I just recently discovered how much in common I have with owls for I am coffee lover and a night owl person. ^_^' 
Here's link to information about 
Burrowing Owls- my favorite! 
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Helping cover some of my expenses! Also helps covers some of materials I use for traditional drawings. 
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