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Hi, I am Avery. Thanks very much for stopping by!

I am currently in the process of learning a number of different digital tools (Maya, Substance Painter/Designer, Marmoset, etc.) with the goals of eventually working in the animation industry, and trying to grow it here in Central Alberta, Canada.  I plan on going to school, when/if the program at my local post-secondary opens, but at this time I am learning the process through Pluralsight's online tutorials.

My Background to Date:

I have a diploma from Red Deer College in Visual Arts, with my focus being mostly on Sculpture.  I mainly focus on Fantasy and Sci-fi characters.  I have been working in the art studios as a technician, assisting people in completing their projects.  During this time I have become very familiar with Pixologic's ZBrush.  I have also dabbled in 3D printing with some of my figures that I have made.

I am now deciding that I need to start pursuing my dreams of creating art that tells story, through either comics or animation.  And since I have always loved making things move, animation seems the right fit.  Besides, I can always go backwards from moving images to make a still image comic when i want.

What's the Deal?

So here is where the Patreon kicks in.  Since I will be leaving my full-time job and taking student loans, I will need a bit of income support for the next few years (if this all goes the way I plan and I get into the school).  So what would you get in return?  Obviously I want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.  As every bit of money someone works for is generally hard-earned, I want to make sure it is worth someone's supported money even at the lowest tier. 

News feed - Based on a number of folk's ideas, that starts with the news feed.  So I will be trying to post as much progress in that as possible.  Anytime I make progress or finish off on learning a piece of software.

Videos - I have uploaded to Youtube in the past, after doing some ZBrush sculpting and the videos have turned out okay. So maybe I will start doing that again. Either time-lapse videos with/without voice-over or just the processed full version of the video, at regular speed.  My current Youtube channel is there.  Has some fairly old stuff on it at the moment.

Streaming - I have OBS setup to do streaming, but I haven't started that yet.  Maybe once I get a bit of a following I can kick that into gear as well.  This is my twitch creative channel. Once i get my stuff all together maybe I will get that going.

Uploads of .STL files - Here is where I know I can deliver something from me to you in a semi-physical form.  By that I mean the ability to print out my sculptures that I make in Zbrush.  Again, I have dabbled into 3D printing and know the basics to getting decently clean models for 3D printing.

??? - And then the future is unknown.  If I can get an animation put together, or if I can at least get sections I plan on uploading the videos here for my Patrons to see.


I just want to say thanks for stopping by and checking out my Patreon. And super extra thanks to everyone who has made a pledge!  I hope I can provide something worthwhile to everyone who has pledged, while learning stuff along the way!

If you are interested in checking out my work and what i do, take a peak at my Instagram.

Thanks again!

-Avery Andrykew

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