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is creating Artistic scholarly reflections and community transformation
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About Liberty Weaver

***This is like an ongoing kickstarter campain in which you pledge an amount per month that fits your budget***

I recently began a journey through a MA/PhD program in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in community, liberation, eco and indigenous psychologies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am honored to say that I have received a matching grant which matches whatever I can raise up to $12,500 yearly. Therefore my initial goal for Patreon is $1,042 per month (that's only 12 people giving $87 per month or 20 people giving $52 per month! 

My offering is multi-faceted. The first tier, giving any amount up to $5/month will get all regular updates about what I'm learning and experiencing in relation to this program. The second tier giving $5-$20+/month will also receive a short comic that highlights an aspect of my learning. The third tier, giving $20-$50/month will also receive monthly video updates going into more depth, exploring some of my reflections of the readings as well as applications to our world today. The fourth tier, giving $50-$150/month will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered on the following video update. The final tier, giving over $150/month will receive access to all materials including a monthly private consulting phone call. 

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Fund non-profit benefit artworks such as the land signs project for TLC Farm, record 8 original tracks and infinite community song circle tracks, buy equipment for gigs and touring, make more art and offer it to wider audiences.
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