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is creating artwork to awaken souls to tap into their creativity and source!

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Hello, there! For those who don't know me, my name is Charlie, I created AwokenedArt and I am an artist from Orlando,Florida. Specializing in spray paint and ink mediums, the dynamic array of mediums used in entirety is vast and is a continual journey into as many mediums I can learn and transmit my loving energy into.

You can see my artwork at but onto the main reason why you are on my Patreon:

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows fans of creators to directly support their favorite creators by recurring donations via PayPal or card. In return (in my case), rewards are given via patron-only posts. Number of posts and images you get is determined by your tier. Bigger the tier, more things are and will become available to you! And they are only going to keep getting better!

This will be growing into Awokened Art Apparel and "Fan-packs".

Why Patreon?

I have created a Patreon to help scale my already thriving artwork, and take it to the furthest level it can be. 

Art materials get pricy and sometimes it takes alot of hours, materials, time and effort to get these art projects, galleries and installments manifested. I created this platform to extend from my Instagram Brand Page and create a way to share with my fans and utilize the tribes efforts to create everlasting artistic expressions to the furthest degree!

 Patreon Goal?

+ Healing Art Videos
+ P.erception S.hifting H.ealing A.rt G.alleries "PSHAG"
+ 4C Murals - Creating Caring Community Culture

+ I want to be able to connect with as many human souls, and leave a lasting impression of creativity and inspire them to promote healthy mindsets, positive vibrations and a lust for manifesting the imagination into reality.

+Create perception shifting healing art galleries that instantly create positive environments that stimulate nueron transmitters to induce healing states in consciousness called "P.S.H.A.G"

+ Create murals that dramatically change the environment and culture of communities around the country and ultimately around the world.

What do you get?

My rewards are plenty and not fixed, they are always growing, expanding as I am finding ways to include and attract my tribe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am an artist that uses many different mediums, and they are constantly changing, to stay up to date with my collections and whats happening in my world you probably want to first go to and subscribe in the pop-up

Bigger, nicer images - You will get bigger versions of my images in several sizes, without Patreon watermarks. Higher tiers will occasionally get a 4k image drop!

Art Shop% off - All my patrons, no matter the tier level, are eligible for 20% off @

Assets and process images - You will get any alpha versions of any products that I am making for free. If you are into making digital art, you will get a selection of process imagery and source files, scaled down a little bit, GIFs and maybe a video sometimes, to get some insight on how I go about doing things.

Physical prints are offered as a sign-up bonus for most higher tiers! When I reach a certain pledge goal I will be giving you physical prints every month in several dimensions, art card and miniprint.

All first time patrons additionaly get some extra stuff as a thank you, including physical prints on sign up! Also, from time to time I give patrons bonus files from earlier, increase the rewards, all the nice things! Including "Awokened Art Apparel" and Fan Packs!

I give you my sincerest thank you for your support!


Where else to find me?
Awokened Art WebsiteTwitterInstagramTublr -

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