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About Awoooo Team

This project is a cross platform anime tracker which works with any of your list, such as MyAnimeList, Kitsu, AniList and Shikimori.

  • Application for Windows Linux and MacOs, mobile application for Android iOS and access from browser (chek goals).
  • You can use it to track your anime in any Animelist.
  • You can synchronize your lists between services.
  • You still have an access to read and post review to MAL and Shikimori if you have an account.
  • User profile.
  • Discover new anime.
  • There is also own group chats like in Discord.
  • Discord integration.
  • Auto tracking while watching through in app player.
  • Browser extension for online tracking though services like crunchyroll and others.

Watch together function

A lot of people still download anime and counting down to watch it together. I want to introduce a solution: Now only one of your group need to have an anime on his hard drive, other will connect to this person. Host will have an control to play/pause, set time, choose any of sub or dub. And all of this works with most popular video formats. You need to have a public ip address to host the lobby

We need your support! This application is rather difficult to maintain and develop. We want full time work on this application to provide you best experience of watching anime.

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