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About Asheesh

Asheesh is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Upstate New York. Through trials and tribulations of life that are common to us all he sought to find himself, often gravitating towards the more destructive path that life has to offer, plagued with alcohol/drugs/depression and violence, which was all very easy to hear in the lyrics of his earlier music.

At the age of 19 God changed his heart however, through the true and glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. After this a new chapter in music and life began for Asheesh and he is now dedicated to sharing that saving grace with any who will listen through word. deed, and music.

Deep and emotionally honest content is a part of the musical and personal identity that Asheesh shows in almost all of his compositions. He aims to reach out and touch , inspire , and motivate any and all who listen with lyrical intensity , clever word play , and at times a very hard hitting and vicious delivery.

He gives it his all in every song in hopes to reach as many as possible while sharing all that he is and all that by God's grace , he has become.

"From one dreamer to another , I love ya" - Asheesh
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When i reach $500 per month , ill start an album/song reaction Video post. In which I post videos of YOU (my patrons )  reacting and commenting on MY music , on my own YouTube Channel once every month!.

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