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About Ayuu Go

I'm Ayuu Go, a YouTuber.. and I create content on YouTube that has to do with life, culinary arts, the culinary industry, gaming, discussions, music, and more. The channel I am part of is called KRMA and is a variety YouTube channel. Patreon and donation help through pay-pal have become a necessity for certain aspects of the channel that I wish to produce more of and to produce better. The reason this is true is because some of the series I wish to make on YouTube costs money to produce and I am very poor. If you decide to help out it will be greatly appreciated and will go strictly to production and equipment  for the videos. 
I would do a weekly live stream for patrons or more & am thinking about other rewards but I'm not sure what is possible currently. .Also as a Patreon you will have input on content.
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At $100 per month, I would be able to fund the more costly series on the channel better and might even be able to pay for help on certain projects that I want to do on the channel.
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