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AMV Music!
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Some songs cannot be found by using YouTube or SoundCloud, for $1 I will provide you with that song. I download specific albums sometimes, but on in my descriptions of my videos, I will still put the name of the songs if you have luck finding them
Discord Chat!
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For $2 a month, you will be in the Discord Chat, which includes, edits, scraps, how I make them and the exclusive AMV songs that I use.
Live Stream!
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For $3 a month, I will Live Stream on Instagram, and answer questions and do things that you request me to do. You will also get the benefits of the one and two dollar tiers. 




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About Ayzuki

Ayzuki is a Instagram Page that primarily post AMV'S and love to interact with my community. The people that follow me are the people that makes my page successful. I've returned back to Instagram for you guys and I'm glad to recreate the hype that you guys fell for to begin with. I'm sorry for leaving for a long period of time, but now I'm back and stronger together, so let make this page a success!
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 a month, I will upload one AMV a day for the Work Week instead of 1 AMV a week and, I will talk to 5 paterons a day to show my gratitude in the Discord Chat!
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