is creating street art sculptures
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Get patron-only access to my live stream so you can come chat and keep me company while I work! Also, I'd like to thank you or your organization at the end of my next video, and give a shoutout to the social media account of your choice. 
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$1/video rewards, except I'll name you and your social media as a producer at the beginning of the next video. Think of it as advertising.
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About Az

I'm Az, and I'm a graffiti artist in New Orleans. But times are a-changin' and street art is everywhere. Plus, today's advances in industrial and personal mural printers forecast a near future where all our graffiti is painted by robots.

So I'm changing the game, making illicit street art installations of robots out of scrap metal. Interactive, three-dimensional, graffiti robots strategically planted in public spaces to disrupt human life in socially conscious ways.

Putting art on a wall illegally requires that you paint quickly, which is why graffiti artists use spray paint, stencils, work in teams, etc. Planting a scrap metal sculpture in a hole and pouring concrete can be done even faster. Making the sculpture is the tricky part. And that's why I'm documenting the whole process for each robot I make and install, and then posting those videos on my YouTube channel

So, I need your help. I need your ideas and input. I need your encouragement. I need to expose this project to everyone you know. And I need your donations. All in all, I need active participants. Some of these take hundreds of hours to complete, from concept to completion, planting, and producing the video. I need more time, and any active participation of any kind helps me get the time I don't have. Thank you for helping get this medium off the ground--then into the ground--and being part of the future of street art. I look forward to working with you! 
If you are a contributor, I can't thank you enough. It truly means the world to me. Please message me and let me know when works for you to join a patron-only AMA while I work. I'd like to figure out a schedule that works best for as many as possible.

If you're not a contributor, THANK YOU TOO! Getting eyeballs on my work is exactly the point, and I appreciate yours. Be sure to share it with your friends so we can collect more eyeballs!

If you'd like to see more robots, paintings, and works in progress follow me!

You can also check out my website, which is currently a catalog of my spray paintings only.
$50 of $100 per video
We'll celebrate by making and giving away a small robot to a random patron, and make a video about the whole thing.

Please note!!!
This giveaway is something we'll do with every goal. The next is at $500, then 1k, 1.5k, 2k, etc. As long as you're a patron, you're eligible, with lots of chances to get one. However, as the goals are met, the number of people contributing grows. Getting in on this first goal gives you the best odds you'll ever have. Make sense?
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