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About AzuraCast

AzuraCast is a lightweight, powerful, accessible, self-hosted, free and open-source web radio management suite. From a brand new server, get your radio station up and running in just minutes, then manage your media, playlists, DJs and more from our simple web interface.

AzuraCast is under very active development, and new features and bug fixes are released on nearly a daily basis. Radio stations from around the world use AzuraCast to power their stations, thanks to its modern codebase (which runs lightning fast on even the most affordable VPS solutions), global crowd-sourced localizations and cross-platform flexibility (including full turnkey support for Docker).

Since its creation, AzuraCast has been built and maintained almost entirely by a single developer, Buster "Silver Eagle" Neece. As a senior web developer whose disabilities often prevent him from pursuing full-time employment, AzuraCast has been a labor of love and a way to still pursue his love of programming while serving the public interest.

If you use AzuraCast to run your own radio station, or if you simply find AzuraCast to be a valuable addition to the open-source software world, your support would be hugely appreciated. Contributions to this Patreon campaign are used to fund the everyday necessities of the project's lead developer, ensuring he can continue to refine and enhance AzuraCast with a roof over his head and a refrigerator full of groceries.
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