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- I'll stream me drawing you a picture of ANYTHING you want (so long as it's SFW) on the first stream of the month! NOTE: I am a TERRIBLE artist.
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Hi, I'm AzuriteReaction and I've been streaming for 6 years and making video game commentary videos for 25 years. No, that's not a typo; watch if you want an example.

I used to only stream once in a great while, and then I'd just post the stream in full to YouTube; that's not the case anymore, as I'll be making creative endeavors my full time job.

Now I'll be streaming 5+ days a week, hours a day, with loads of different games, interaction with subscribers and patrons, and so forth.

The money I get from Patreon is literally going to keep me afloat as I run around doing a webcomic, making comics, running two YouTube channels with 2+ videos a day, keeping three social media sites updated, and tons of other stuff with freelance work.

So your support helps tons by allowing me to keep putting out tons of content in a wide variety of types of entertainment!

(disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse honoring any reward tier if it's blatantly NSFW or breaks Twitch rules or my own chat rules, but I'll give you fair warning and let you choose a different way to have your reward honored)
$0.63 of $500 per month
If I get $500 a month here, I'll do a 24 hour stream once a month! All the patrons who've already paid for that month will get to vote on the game out of selection of possible games that I'll pick from!
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