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About BAH! Gaming

Hello There!
BAH! Gaming is a gathering of artists, gamers, and one dutch guy who have banded together to hit the tables hard and do our best not to roll 1's.

What We Do
Through a medium of video, audio, and articles, we hope to provide an array of entertaining options centered around gaming as a whole. Our main goal, however, is purely to Entertain You.

Most of our content is uploaded to our Youtube Page as Dungeons & Dragons or GURPS play sessions and creating homebrew content for you to enjoy!

Mostly we just love letting our geek flag fly along with all you wonderful people. ;)

Why Patreon?
Quality content and editing takes time, and at the moment, time is a luxury!  And the equipment to do so... even more so. Joining with us on Patreon will help fund equipment, incentivize podcasts and content more often, and eventually allow for new and improved experiences beyond our current content.

If you decide to join our team, it will open up content polls, discord links, and our undying (or resurrected if you're a necromancer) gratitude.

The Goal
The ultimate goal at BAH! Gaming is to provide our viewers with quality content on a regular basis. Specifically targeted at much more often then "Whenever Solus gets around to it."

In a perfect world we would be able to release both a Dungeons & Dragons & GURPS Podcast along with game related articles every week. And if things go really well, create video based instructions, discussions, or animations related to the gaming genre as a whole.

Thank You!
No matter why you're here or whether or not you're teaming up with our cause, thanks for dropping by and seeing what we're about.
$29 of $100 per month
You've Cast Haste!
 The website is launched and the forum is up! If we reach this 100 dollar per month goal, we can start working on revitalizing the GURPS podcast, add more art, write articles and reviews, and increase the speed at which we release our Realms podcast.

All we can say is wow at this point!
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