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Hey, a dollar is important and they all add up. During my Intro and Outro screens on the stream I will have your name scrolling across listing you as an official supporter.
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This is essentially the same as subbing to the channel, so doing so, you'll receive all the perks a subscriber gets such as:

  • Early information on plans for the stream. The same e-mails that are sent to subs will be sent to patrons as well.
  • You'll also be able to get the custom things we sell for cheaper, just like a subscriber!  (BBG Pillows are $40, but will be just $20 for Patrons who are in this group!)
  • Access to a special Patron section of our Discord Voice Server.
  • All the previous perks as well.
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-[Silver Buddy]-

With such a dedication, you'll have:

  • Priority access when I'm playing multiplayer games, such as if I am playing Monster Hunter, Smash, or some various Steam game. You'll also have priority on the levels created and submitted for me to play for Super Mario Maker
  • A special section thanking you on the Outro Screen for streams away from the other Patrons
  • [B-B-BONUS?!] If you hold the level of Silver Buddy for 4 consecutive months, you'll get an official BBG Pillow for  FREE (limit 1 per Patron)
  • All previous rewards as well.




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HEY !! I'm AJ. You might have seen me around the internet, specifically because I'm a Twitch Partner where I stream over at  http://www.twitch.tv/battlebuddiesgaming with my buddy Ian aka AdmiralFunk. I also dabble in making YouTube review Videos such as this one:

Something I would definitely like to do more frequently !!

[Let's Start At The Beginning] - I've been streaming for over two years now, and loving every minute of it. With each day that goes by, and every new person I meet, be it another streamer or a viewer, I find myself being drawn into to creating more and MORE video content.  I currently work as a tech and manage a lot of servers, but it certainly isn't my passion.

Recently, my roommates up and bailed on me. This has left me in a pretty bad financial situation over all. I am constantly working towards a life where my passion for Streaming and Entertaining can be my full time job, thus allowing me to do it EVEN MORE!  Currently, with working a full time job, and also trying to stream full time, it really limits my ability to create other styles of video content, such as the review video above. With your support, I'll be able to alleviate that, and eventually make the DARING    
journey towards full time.

I want to turn Battle Buddies Gaming (BBG) into a community for Streamers and Viewers alike. A place where like minded pals can gather and discuss games and funny dumb jokes and establish cool pal internet friendships.

"SO WHERE DOES OUR MONEY GO??" That's an important question! It goes to EVERYTHING.  Streaming costs money. Besides just the fact that it takes a LOT of time to do so, there are also costs for equipment such as streaming gear, PC parts, and of course GAMES. On top of that, internet costs and electricity as well. Your backing helps me keep the power on, helps keep the equipment needed for the stream, as well as helps keep me ALIVE by allowing me to purchase some food to eat sometimes, that way, I don't ya know .... die live on camera!  

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Hey, wow, neat! As a celebration of reaching this level, I'll play a game that forces me to voice act multiple characters, because WHY NOT?
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