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Shout Out:

Get your name Shouted out by Me, Dan or one of the other BERD Members when streaming live.

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Get Me, Dan or another BERD Member to say a single sentence with Your Name when we Livestream.


If you try to get one of the younger, more innocent members to say something considered "Too Crued", then we'll skip your Message.

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Berd Crew: 

Get BERD Crew Membership for Life!

You'll get such benefits as:

*Minecraft Server Access

Access to any other Future Private Servers

Invited to Play during some Livestreams

Private Livestream Chatroom

Crew only Discord Channels

Special Crew only Giveaways

More to come... (Any Ideas? Tell Us.)

*Not out yet, but when it is you'll get it.


Even though this is a One Time Pay, Lifetime Membership thing... You can still lose it if you are "Out of Line" too many times.

(You'll get about 3 Strikes)

Warnings are not to be Ignored!

Includes Discord rewards




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About BERD Studios

Hello, we are the YouTuber group known as BERD Studios! We make videos of all sorts (Mainly Lets Plays), hanging out and having fun.
If you do choose to help, then Thank You! There is more info in the Video. ;)
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Me and Dan will do a Q&A Live!
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