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About Gethsemane Games

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who has, is considering or will support me either by becoming a Patreon backer or by buying/reading my work.  

At Gethsemane Games we make RPGs and System Neutral RPG supplements, from maps and fully detailed villages to system neutral adventures and highly detailed businesses to drop into your larger towns and cities. 
Some of our ranges include:-

GMs Maps
Map making can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating for GMs, especially GMs with limited time to begin with. In our 'GM's Maps' range, we will provide a range of pre-made maps for you to use in your games.
Each product includes the maps and a PDF containing a key, some background on the history or type of building shown in the map, and a collection of adventure hooks and ideas.

Grabban Drop Villages
Drawn with Campaign Carographer 3+ and City Designer, this range brings you a fully developed village for your fantasy or post-apocalyptic RPGs.
With a detailed key of the village, fully developed NPCs with working relationships with other members of their community, adventure hooks, rumours and news.  Each product gives you a functional, system-neutral, village for your games.

Adventures Without Borders
System neutral adventures for you to use in your favourite RPGs.  This range of short adventures is written by Gethsemane Games with colourful maps created in Campaign Cartographer 3+, City Designer and Dungeon designer by Proffantasy software.

Each adventure comes with the full-colour map, detailed key and a system for determining the relative danger of traps and monsters so that you can quickly create their game-specific stats for whatever system you wish to use.  Although they can be used as stand-alone adventures, each one can also be used in conjunction with other products in the range and/or 'Grabba Drop Villages' to produce a crisp, detailed and imaginative campaign region for your PCs to explore.
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Currently my wife is also my editor. She has experience, she was a copy editor at TWF Magazine for years, but she has a job of her own and hobbies, and would like to get back to them instead of spending so much time working as my editor for free. Hitting this goal will let me take some of the burden from her and pass it to another.
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