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About Black Girl in Maine

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Shay Stewart-Bouley, better known to a lot of folks as Black Girl in Maine. I am also the creator of BGIM Media, a digital space for in depth discussions on racism and white supremacy, a podcast series and public talks. I have long held to the belief that we need to look at who creates the narratives that we read and believe.

In most places, the narratives are fed to us by white people who are often unaware of their biases and prejudices that are often projected in the messages they share, which in turn, tends to keep things like white supremacy and institutional racism alive and well, in both subtle and overt ways. By day, I am a non-profit "admin extraordinaire," heading up the oldest continuously running anti-racist organization in the United States, Community Change Inc.

Black Girl in Maine Media is a media hub for non-white voices as well as ally voices in Northern New England and beyond. We were voted best media publication and best blog by the Portland Phoenix in 2018.

After many delays, my podcast “You Don’t Know the Half” launched in early Sept 2018. At the moment, we are a monthly podcast but the long-term goal is to become a biweekly production.

Your support ensures the sustainability of BGIM Media, which includes paying our writers and as well paying for the infrastructure that keeps it all running and now includes podcast production costs. And yeah, it ensures that I continue to have access to luxuries such as indoor plumbing, food and a retirement free of Kitty Chow under the bridge .

So what's in it for you? Aside from the groovy feeling of knowing that you are keeping the words flowing and creating more spaces for writers/creators of color, there are perks. All monthly patrons have access to patron only postings and access to our private Facebook group. There are also special perks tied to giving levels.

In 2019, it's hard out here for writers and content creators and writing for pennies or exposure is exploitation. So I hope that if the spirit moves you, you will consider becoming a monthly supporter at whatever level is comfortable for you. If you aren't comfortable or able to make a monthly pledge, a one time tip to my Paypal is also greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your support!


Shay aka BGIM

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I realize this is a long shot goal but I always did believe in dreaming big, so why stop now? At this level, I have a chance at not eating kitty chow when I retire (small non-profits aren't exactly known for things like 401K plans...heck, I am lucky I have health insurance). Seriously though, it means enough financial stability that I can stay on track with the blog, the book and the day job which means more good reads and vibes for you!
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