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My Given name is James Buford Whiteside III, though most who call me friend, also call me Buttrock. I am a mixed medium artist with an emphasis is metalworking & recycled materials. I have spent the last six years relentlessly chasing visions from other realms and pulling them into this world, & this project shall be no different.

I have spent most of my life helping others, no matter the workload, & giving of myself and time in hopes of making the world smile. I have always been a believer of strong bonds and service to community, which is why this next endeavor is so important to see into fruition.

I am currently trying to acquire a 70 acre parcel in Northern Massachusetts on which I shall build a number of avenues to not only benefit, but more importantly, involve the community as a whole. Whether it's an alternative dwelling campground where one can experience unique spaces to call home, or more importantly a farmstead that can teach people how to reconnect with the land, every section of this property plan must serve far more than the fam and I.
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The ridiculously awesome, custom built extra hightop I just spent days putting together was destroyed by last nights downpour. I currently need to replace the skins, and purchase glassing materials. I am offering my skills in exchange for funds to fix the roof before our next gig, thanks buds!
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