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Thank you so much for taking the time to view our landing page for Bolo-Rama Pickers Lounge!!!

I started this journey years ago with the vision of being able to help fellow sellers online in a fun and interactive way. It goes without saying that being a reseller can be lonely, and finding a good community can be very challenging. I have poured hundreds of hours into creating a community that I consider family, and in time, I know you will as well. 

Your patronage genuinely helps keep the lights on. Our production cost are currently around 100 dollars per episode, each one taking up to 8 hours to research and build segments for. We hope to eventually scale to a 5 day a week show for all things reseller related. We also offer a robust back end of exclusive videos and direct support from our team of specialist and fellow patrons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a try, and if you don't turn a profit, we will immediately refund your patronage. Just like with e-commerce, we only want to see great buys! Thanks again for your consideration and we look forward to working with you soon!
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Choose this tier if you  wish to pay small thanks for the videos we make, but have no interest in any of the additional services or assistance we have here. Your pledge of 5 dollars helps keeps the lights on, and is a great way to show support for what we do and help us grow our channel into the future!

Welcome To The Family Pack Bundle!
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Access to our 24/7 Group chat run on Facebook! Talk with other professional resellers about great scores, issues you may be having, to even what your weekend plans are. Someone is always on and I can even be tagged in for some quick help!

Access to our Patron Lounge Page for exclusive content, including extra training, extended notes from the show, BOLO's we don't post elsewhere, as well as training documents and letters to handle tricky customers and issues. 

Access to all previous content including live swap meet streams, thrift store streams, training content, letters, and more!

Be my friend on Facebook and Instagram! Direct assistance as needed. (Standard Q&A, suggestions for cases, disputes, returns, etc)

Have your name shown on each and every Reseller Roundup each week!

Advanced Support & Assistance!
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Get all previous rewards PLUS

500 high quality 14pt 6x4 inch thank you postcards for your customers on eBay! These amazing cards help increase customer loyalty and encourage good feedback and customer resolutions if there is an issue! (must maintain for at least 3 payment cycles) Additional can be provided as needed per our discretion.

(Alternate logos can be arranged)

1 HOUR of direct training or consulting about your store or business each month. We can go over branding, logo design, software like final cut or OBS. Whatever you need help with. I'm yours over the phone or video chat! 

Maintain this level for 6 months and receive an exclusive Reseller T-Shirt Designed by me! Each one will be unique, family friendly, and made from premium material!

Custom Nickname and Emoji in Group Chat

Have your name mentioned on each Reseller Roundup!

Advanced Support & Assistance +
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Includes all previous tiers perks.

Gain 1 additional hour of training and support each month.

Personal thank you and top placement on Reseller Roundup Each episode. 

Appear as a guest on air ( Pending approval of compatibility and topic. )

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This is the baseline minimum we need to achieve to cover our production cost each week for the show. This covers time to research, edit, build special segments and more. This will be the first step to my transition into moving towards a more permanent studio and growing the scope of what we do. 
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