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Welcome, 90's Country Music Fans!

My name is Arthur Born and I am the creator of BORN Country, a blog that celebrates the country music and artists of the 90's. We offer an online home for fans and artists alike while the mainstream pulls further and further away from the traditional sounds of country music. 
Our Situation: 

  1. I want BORN Country to last for a very long time. With over 25,000 fans on Facebook, there is simple proof that you LOVE BORN Country. That makes me love what I do more and more with every single post. Not only am I able to bring back country music memories for our fans, but also provide support for those artists that no longer receive play on mainstream country radio. If we as fans aren't fighting for them, who will?
  2. BORN Country MUST become self-sustainable. When I first started BORN Country as a simple blog for my friends and family, I ran the website out of my pocket and it didn't amount to more than a few dollars here and there. Two years later, a LOT of money and a LOT of time has gone into With that being said, this blue-collar guy's day job paycheck only goes so far! I hate internet ads just as much as you do and I am dedicated to keeping our website ad-free so you aren't bothered by pesky random pop-ups for male enhancement pills or dating websites. With no advertisements bringing in an income to run the website, we turn to those whose input matters most. YOU!

This Patreon page will be a means to receive monthly support from our fans to continue the growth of How will your monthly payments help out? Take a look below!

How Will Your Support Each Month Help BORN Country?:

  • Hosting Fees: Websites cost money. Each year we have to pay our hosting fees to keep BORN Country open. Think of it as paying our "rent" for an online apartment.
  • BORN Country Radio: Plans are in place to begin a new Podcast series which will include interviews with your favorite 90's country artists. However, this project requires new recording equipment and more hosting fees to get off of the ground. A number of artists are already lined up to record the first episodes!

  • Better Camera Equipment: Our concert photos are some of the most popular draws to BORN Country. We are currently running on the most basic camera equipment, but with your help, we can make some major improvements. 

  • Travel: You love our concert reviews, but wish we could cover more than just the Cleveland, OH area? Help me jump on that airplane or into that rental car! Can't visit Nashville for CMA Fest? Let us bring the festival to you via!
  • Me: Running BORN Country takes a LOT of time. Your support not only helps BORN Country grow, but will allow myself a little paycheck each month. I absolutely love doing what I do, but a guy needs to eat, pay rent and take his beautiful wife out once in awhile! 

  • Hire More Writers: I work my butt off to bring as much 90's country fun to on a weekly basis, but just imagine if we had another one or two writers on staff to create even MORE content! 
If you find any value in BORN Country, we hope that you'll find a tier level to the right that meets your desire to help. Once again, thank you so much for all of the love that you folks have shown BORN Country over the first two years. It truly means the world to me and continues to inspire me to improve!
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Let's start off with a simple per month goal. Reaching $100/month would only take literally 20 fans signing up for our $5 "Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof" level. Only 20!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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