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is creating Portrait Art

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Your pledge as a True Blue, helps me to continue my funding to create more projects!  In turn, I will share the stages of each project and the inspirations behind them.  I will aspire to share "Jewels of Encouragement" and my life experiences, as well 
Red Robins
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Your pledge as a Red Robin, will support my creative projects to Soar and evolve.  I will be able to purchase new tools and equipement to bring better content!  
Victorious Violet
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Your pledge as a Victorious Violet,  supports my efforts to have the freedoms to create!  (No "starving Artist" here, lol.)  As a "Thank You",  I will gift you your choice of one of my 11x7 art prints!  I am so greatful to 




per month


Hi Patreons!! Welcome to my page!! I am on a new journey in self-employment as an Artist!  You will find live painting and drawing on my page.  In addition, it is my passion to, one-day, help others find healing through Art! 
$0 of $1,200 per month
When I reach $1,200 per month, I will upload "how to" videos for you all!  I will give drawing and painting tips to you all that will love to create Realistic-looking Portrait and Landscape Art!  #BobRossingforYa!  lol!
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