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About Brika Brack

Hi I’m Erika J. Wilson but my friends call me Brika Brack

Brika Brack is the nickname my dad gave me when I was kid. 

I’ve decided to launch this Patreon page after years of friends, family, and many others encouraging me to find a way to enable them to help support me. More specifically to support my art and my big, crazy, and yes, rather ambitious dream to make it big in Hollywood. 

The idea behind Patreon dates back to the Elizabethan age. This was a time when artists were backed by patrons. These were individuals who wanted to enjoy the artist's work for themselves buy more important, patrons wanted to be able to say they were the one who financially backed an artist so others could enjoy their work.

As my patron backers you will not only be able to say you supported my art and my crazy dream but you will be able to follow me as I head to LA, schmooze with the Hollywood elite, and of course, go to the obligatory auditions.

However being my patron will mean much more. As my Patron you will become part of my inner trusted community. A community where we learn, inspire, and laugh with each other. This will be my primary online place to hangout. A place where I will work to breakdown barriers and bringing people together through videos, pictures, poetry, stories and more.

I will of course still be active on Facebook, YouTube, Instragram etc. but as I said above, this will be the place where I do most all of my interacting with others online. And listen, I won’t just be interacting online. I intend to host off line events for my patrons as well!

Bottom line,  this page will be a diverse, unexpected, and fun place for all of us to hang out and I guaranty we will all have some serious fun as we learn, laugh, and create together.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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