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BSH Genin
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You are supporting me in the day to day, and it is very appreciative, you gain access to the cut versions of certain videos the day before release. 
BSH Chunin
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You get the full reactions to anime I'm reacting too done with a counter, and early access to reactions that will eventually show on youtube. 
BSH Jonin
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You will get to be placed in the credits of videos and be listed in the description as a contributor to channel. 



About BSH

HEEELLLLOOOOOO INTERNET THIS is BSH and welcome to my Patreon, please look around and if you like what you see by all means sign up as a patron.

I am currently using this Patreon for all my youtube channels so if you would like support me but feel too much content you don't watch or enjoy is being uploaded to this Patreon please voice your opinion in a message and let me know what videos you do watch as I may consider making separate Patreon pages for the separate channels depending on the amount of requests.
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If I can get to 500 patrons that want me to focus on doing reaction I will dedicate more time to doing reaction videos.

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