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Help us to continue to run a great ArmA server (and everything needed alongside it) to ensure many more hours of sessions. We don't need a lot, so if many people chip in we should be able to cover our costs quite nicely.

Also, we shouldn't really need to say this but due to BI's policies with regards to monetizing ArmA servers we would like to make it very clear that there are no rewards for donating money to us (as a reward for a donation is not a donation).

The money you donate to us helps us run all the services required, including the actual ArmA server, TeamSpeak, and all the associated websites. Donating more money will help us increase the space available for hosting the preset which will allow us to host alternative presets (such as WW2 stuff) and joint ops stuff. 

And finally, we would like to be very transparent so if you would like to see a breakdown for our costs - just ask.
$58.24 of $80 per month
This goal represents the current outgoing costs for Beowulf. At this goal we will be able to function as we currently are.

It is a rough calculation based on conversion between GBP and USD. It will be updated from time to time. 
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