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Hey guys!

I'm Justin MichaelI host a weekly podcast about the legendary 1990s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. The podcast is unsurprisingly called... Batman: The Animated Podcast.

But that's nothing new, right? Plenty of people have podcasts about TV shows where they interview people about their favorite episodes. It's what makes the internet great.

True! But this isn't just an interview show. It's a double interview show with fans and people who worked on Batman: The Animated Series... plus, there are fully produced fake commercials, game segments, pop-in characters, continuing storylines and more!

It's more than a typical podcast, it's an audio-variety show for your ears, and I'd like to bring some of that back to the show now that we're with Feral Audio.

Since launching the show in February of 2015 I've sat down with...

Where's your money going?
Now, you might be wondering - now that you're with the fine folks at Feral Audio, do you get paid? The answer is no! I get support and production help, but I'm still booking with and coordinating guests, not to mention leading the creative charge on the show.

I'd also love to tour the show around to more conventions and travel to interview some of the best guests you haven't heard on the podcast yet...

...but I need your help so I can keep the quality up and the podcast free.

How much does it cost to back the show?
Backers can pledge their choice of $1 to $5 to $200,000,000 every month. Cancel, increase or change your pledge amount at any time. All money will go directly to improving the show quality, artists for any designs / music, as well as contributing to the monthly hosting fees in addition to Feral across all the available platforms to keep it a free show. Plus, LIVE SHOWS!

In return, I've got some cool rewards and prizes! We're talking limited edition stickers + exclusive access to upcoming guests and even the opportunity to get your questions answered by these guys. Hell, I'm considering Patreon-exclusive episodes down the line.

Thank you for supporting the show now that it's back. I really appreciate it!
$9 of $35 per month
Right now just making the podcast available and free on a monthly basis costs a good chunk o' change. Hosting the podcast for iTunes and Stitcher costs $15/month with an additional $20/month to keep all episodes available and free on Soundcloud.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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