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This is a great way to support a comic, especially if you view the comics through an RSS feeder or with Adblocks turned on.  Hopefully, we can continue to entertain you with our comics for years to come!
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We'll send you a Brain Thought Word Say post card! And as a patron you'll have access to the rough drawings as well!
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As a token of our appreciation we're going to send you a download code for Matt Loeb's spoken word Album "Enough Has Happened", which you would have to normally pay $10 for.

We'll also send you a Brain Thought Word Say post card and you'll have access to the rough drawings as well!




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About Brain Thought Word Say

Who We Are
Brain Thought Word Say is a webcomic collaboration between Matt Loeb and Ryan Marshall. Right now it's a web comic but with your support we can make it become so much more. So come along the ride with us and help build something memorable, hilarious and maybe a little bit intimate. 

What We're Looking For
We aren't looking for charity. In an age when successful artists are as much successful entrepreneurs, we're looking for investors. We're looking for people who believe in what we're doing and are willing to invest in something that will reward them in the form of entertaining things that will make you laugh and think. 

Our Goal
Currently, our goal is to raise enough money to offset the website costs and get some capital that will allow us to devote more time to the comics and develop some other cool side projects that will coincide with the Brain Thought Word Say comics. So thanks in advance, we promise we've got lots to surprise you with.

Future Perk Ideas
These are some ideas we have for some future perks we would like to offer. Let us know if you have any other suggestions you would like to see!
- Various Comic Prints
- Poster
- Annual Book that includes all of that years comics
$0 of $50 per month
At our first goal we'll spend some extra time each month to bring you a large, Sunday Newspaper Style Comic.
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