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Hey guys,

I see you've found your way to our Patreon page! This is where you can donate money to support the survival, weapons and armour build videos that we want to be able to create for you guys.

Obviously at this stage we are not trying to profit from any of the videos we have created, as every single video we have made so far has cost money and time. Some of those costs include cameras, microphones, a butt load of tools, safety equipment, metal, screws/rivets/bolts and the list goes on.

We're not asking for money so that we can profit from our creations, but simply to help cover the costs. Some of the things we have bought have had high costs but these could be covered by small but helpful donations. 

Every single patron, No matter the amount they have donated (From $1 to $1 million), will be given these opportunities:

- My personal email which I will reply to any message within 24 hours. 
- Google Hangouts/Skype with me (Mike) and Xander (Email me to arrange) 
- Patron exclusive videos and written updates of upcoming videos!
- A chance to have your creations featured on our channel (Video, Photo or via Mail)
- In video shoutouts!

If you donate only $2 your helping us buy a new back of new rivets or screws and that's just awesome that you want to help us out. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far, you've made a massive difference for the same price as a bag of chips!
$3 of $30 per large build video!
We've been wanting to do this for a while now and now we've been asked by fellow Zednoughts to start a forum/site. Because of this, It's the first thing on our list of goals. Help our community become more active and grow by supporting us to open a forum and a site that will hopefully sell shirts one day, But forum is top priority!

When it's up it'll be free to all to use, Not just Patrons, But it won't be there without support!
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