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Thank you! With this you will have:

- Access to the things I write/draw before anyone else

- Early notification before I open commissions

- Occasional doodles and never-before-seen sketches 

- Get a vote in art/writing polls!

Fun Zone
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Access to all the cool stuff from previous tier, AND:

- Concept sketches 

- Comic/Book "scripts" that have never been publicly released

- Step-by-step progress GIFs

- Works in progress

- Submit questions to be answered in monthly Q&A video

- Access to private Discord server

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All that jazz from other tiers, aaaand:

- Outfit/Character designs

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About Alex

Who am I?
My name is Alex. I am a queer Oregon based writer and artist who has been sharing my work online for several years now. I enjoy reading novels and comics as much as I love creating them!

What do I do?

I draw both digitally and traditionally. I also write fan-fiction and my own original things.

What are my projects?
Good question! I currently have 3 major projects which take up most of my creative time (though I have plenty more ideas on the back burner). These consist of...
An LGBT+ novel - placeholder name is A Better Tomorrow
A (web)comic called Advantageous
A (web)comic that, for now, I am calling Project G.L.I.P

Why Patreon?
Over the past few years since I began working and going to school, I have had less time to dedicate to my personal work. I currently have two jobs and am going to school full-time in order to help me further my skills in my career as an artist.
While I value my education, maintaining a source of income makes it difficult to make progress in my creative endeavors.
With Patreon, I am hoping to decrease the hours I spend at my jobs and increase my productivity by making my personal work a bigger priority, as well as improve and hone my skills so that I can publish these stories free-to-read.
By becoming a Patron, you will get to experience this journey with me. You will have access to art and writing WIPs, concept sketches, commentary, the overall process as these stories go from planning stages to completion, and more! I will also post works related to my more general art, be it warm-up sketches, to random character design, to school projects.

Thank you so much!

P.S I’m still going to be tweaking this Patreon a bunch, but I don't plan on changing existing tiers to much, if at all. There's not much content just yet, but I'm working on that as well!

Where else can you find me?
Tumblr - @badonkodank
$1 of $50 per month
With this goal met I can focus on updating more frequently for all tiers. I will also be able to hold monthly sketch raffles for the $3 tier (no limit on how may times you can win)
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