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Indie. Small. Awesome. Respecting. Creating and building awesome things, including but not limited to: videos, software, sites... By supporting us, we spend it only if it's actually worth the price. We don't want to overpay if it's not needed or is necessary...
$0 of $120 per month

Once $120 is reached, Viddla is much more safely and sustainably can could become ad-free, as it was intended to, however on the other hand, site is going to continue to grow, and eventually, site can just run out of disk space, so instead we can start working on ways to pay creators for their work once we meet requirements for platforms in order to have a fair split

Our costs for 2018-2019 04 30 per month were:
F/B/S (combo) Server:
5.98 € + 21% tax of 1.26 € = 7.24 € (~ $8.1)
Secondary Storage Server: 5.83 € (~ $6.52)
Total: 7.24 + 5.83 = 13.07 € (~ $14.62)
Income from any source (all of
0 / $ 0
Income from Viddla specific sources:
0 € / $ 0

0 - 13.07 = -13.07 € (~ $14.62)
Operating at a loss

If it's a loss - service might get corners cut
If it's unsustainable loss - service might shutdown or even something else could happen
If it's sustainable or risky profitable - service is making just enough to be sustainable
It's it's profitable - service might get upgrades, further development, and more awesome stuff!
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