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is creating let's plays and philosophy.
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About Bahamut Omega

I'm a humble gaming philosopher. No matter what I'm making however, my goal is entertaining my audience.

And if you're worried about this being a source of drivel about PC and identity politics, don't be. I hate those self important snowflakes with a burning passion. I mean, anybody with half a functioning brain can see they're full of shit. My philosophical videos are geared toward dispensing actual wisdom.

As such, if you are easily offended by any opinion other than your own, then go somewhere else. But if you're open to all viewpoints and want to know mine, or want to otherwise be entertained, then I say to you, welcome to my Patreon! Welcome to Bahamut Omega's lair. Just don't try to pocket anything.
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When I get to this point, I'll do my first Q&A video and answer my viewers' questions.
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